“I (M A Chaudry) have dealt with numerous Realtors on the purchase, leasing and attempted sales of properties including repeat efforts at Portofino Luxury Condos. Tom Goebel was by far the most professional in my view. Tom is equipped with all the modern tools and technology to conduct his business efficiently.

It was a pleasure and efficient to work with scans and email, and all the other “tools” of the trade that Tom made available. For example our Riverfront Condo was advertised on the powerful USA (Realcomp) MLS along with 35 other web sites in USA and Canada. The Tenant found our unit from one of these sites as he worked in the USA and lived out of town in Ontario.

We would recommend Mr. Goebel for any real estate needs. He is honest, fair and does more than expected.”

M.A. Chaudry

Sunday, September-16-12


James Goebel

Superintendent of Schools (retired)

Or Monroe County Commissioner

Tom Goebel has been my exclusive Buyer Broker Agent on two occasions. I understand that as a real estate consultant paid by the hour, Tom has a “rebate” at closing not for just family like I but for his buyer clients.

It is my pleasure to share one experience with everyone. I had taken the position of Clarkston Michigan’s high school principal years ago. My house in Spring Lake had not sold and having 4 children, we were in a temporary cash short position. Tom acted as my exclusive buyer broker. We located and made an offer on a colonial near Deer Lake. During the negotiations Tom learned that the seller was a corporate transferee. With his experience Tom worked with the seller to see what benefits the corporation offered its transferred employees. He was able to deduce that thousands of additional dollars were available through the corporate benefit package that the listing broker or the seller had not been aware.

The seller was more or less satisfied with the price I offered so we increased the sale price, paid a greater fee to Tom Goebel as the selling agent who rebated this and more to Virgileen and me. The creativity did not stop there, as Tom worked out a “painting and decorating allowance” reimbursed by the corporation such that I had enough cash to close on this transaction. All the “cash back” to me as buyer did not cost the seller or their listing agent a dime.

I moved less than 2 years later to become a superintendent of schools elsewhere. Good news is that Tom also helped me sell that Clarkston house and I made a profit during such a short time frame. Thank you Tom Goebel for the exceptional real estate services. I have received well in excess of $5,000 in rebates.

It is my pleasure to recommend Tom Goebel as first stop in solving real estate problems on any sophistication.

Yours truly,

James Goebel



Peter D Haller, Sr. VP

Re; Limited Listing

To whom it may concern;

Just wanted everyone to know how well Tom Goebel’s deep discount $600 limited listing worked for Diane and me.

As manager of the bank’s trust department I have sold many houses for many clients working with dozens of Realtors and lawyers. When I got promoted to the main office and moved to Grand Rapids our Traverse City home had not sold. We went through two good Realtors over one year time. I asked my good friend Tom Goebel, who has been in the Real Estate business near Detroit his whole life if I could somehow get on the “multi list” without listing my house with the typical broker.

Tom offered to put our spit level onto the multi list in Traverse City, 200 miles distant, for $600 plus an offering to the selling broker, if any. This allowed Diane and I to find a buyer ourselves while still keeping the house on the “open market”. Indeed it sold through a local broker in two weeks! We saved 3% on $200,000 or $6,000 less the $600 fee to net a $5,400 savings.

As I have negotiated so many properties for so many clients and because I work with so many attorneys, felt that we did not need some of the real estate services that listing broker’s provide. If I did have this need, Tom’s hourly rate would have been a bargain, saving perhaps $4,000. For ourselves we were very please with the $5,400 savings and would recommend Tom Goebel to solve anyone’s real estate problem.

Yours truly,

Peter D. Haller

Sr. VP, Founder’s Bank

Trust Department Manger


As a Founders Bank & Trust Vice President and Trust Administrator I have required the services of a knowledgeable real estate consultant in instances where the situations were so unique that “normal or routine” were simply not an option. Tom Goebel advised, analyzed and then closed three difficult transactions in the last two years, when I had no other resource to turn to, or where prior efforts using other advisors proved fruitless. With a new current listing, the family attorney, Michael Scallen, went out of his way to praise the work of Tom Goebel for his innovative efforts regarding a sale of 183 acres of beautiful northern Michigan property. I give Tom my highest unqualified recommendation.

Peter D. Haller, CFP®


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